Posture Alignment Body Balance Training Course in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Learn: This course works with the muscular and skeletal system. Helping align the ankles, knees, and hips, creating balance for the spine, as well as the shoulder joint and the cervical vertebrae. This manual therapy, uses safe movements while the muscles are in motion.

The focus of –Body Balance Training – Posture Alignment aims to improve the posture and quality of life. Helping better movement in daily life. These improvements can often lead to reduced levels of stress, improved sleep and increasing the feeling of daily wellness.

The treatment can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or part of the Body Balance Therapy or as an add on to other treatment. The treatment works well when combined with a Sports Massage.


Course Length: 1 Day Practical Training

Course Requirements: pre-requisite Level 3 Body Massage Diploma, L3 Anatomy& Physiology.

Cost: £180

On completion: Receive an Accredited Diploma /Certificate

Available as: one-to one tuition where we can arrange a date that suits you (you will need to bring a model) or as small group sessions.

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